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1958 "Modern Hypnosis" Book

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1958 "Modern Hypnosis" Book

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1958 "Modern Hypnosis" Book


1958 "Modern Hypnosis" Book


American Contributions to the science of hypnosis

Will hypnotized persons try to harm themselves or others?

Experiments in waking hypnosis

Hypnotic regression-fact or artifact?

The genuineness of hypnotically produced anesthesia of the skin

Ability to resist artificially induces dissociation

Hypnosis as an aid to adjustment

A study of hypnotic susceptibility in relation to personality traits

Concerning the nature and character of post-hypnotic behavior

Hypnosisi in treatment of neuroses due to war and other causesExperiments in the hypnotic production of crime

An analysis of motivation of hypnosis

Control Experiments and their relation to theories of hypnotism

Am experimental investigation of the possible anti-social use of hypnosis

The production of blisters by hypnotic suggestion: a review

Expectancy Versus Performance in hypnosis

Hypnotic identification of an amnesia victim

Why we don’t know much about hypnosis

348 pages

Condition: good, the binding is a little loose on the first and second page and the last, the outside binding has a few small tears

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