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1977 "You & Me" Book

Mind & Body

1977 "You & Me" Book

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1977 "You & Me" Book


1977 “You & Me: The Skills of Communicating and Relating to Others”

Author: Gerard Egan


This book is intended for people who wish to improve their interpersonal self-awareness, skills, and assertiveness. It is designed especially for those who wish to pursue these goals through participating in a small-group experience.

This Book presents a step-by-step system for:

-Deepening our awareness of ourselves as social or interpersonal beings,

-Developing the skills we need to make our interpersonal involvements richer, and

-Helping us to become more outgoing or active interpersonally

Pages: 346

Condition: Good, there is a crease and small edge tear on the cover page

Width: 6 inches

Length: 9 inches

Depth: 0.75 inches

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