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Mood/Mind/Body Alignment Oil Set

Mind & Body

Mood/Mind/Body Alignment Oil Set

2019-07-02 03.09.51 2.jpg
2019-07-02 03.09.51 2.jpg

Mood/Mind/Body Alignment Oil Set


All The Vibes Set of 3 blends infused with crystals and essential oils to align your mood, mind, and body

High Vibes Oil

High Notes of lavender and eucalyptus with muted sweetness from geranium, yang-tlang, and orange essential oil. Green Adventurine crystal to amplify optimism, creativity, motivation, and openness.

Night Vibes Oil

Soothing Lavender and clarifying sage on the nose with subtle marjoram all to prepare your mind and body for sweet dreams. Amethyst crystal to induse sleep, vivid dreams that you’ll remember, and keep away nightmares.

Good Vibes Oil

Freshness of peppermint and lavender on the front with the earthiness of patchouli and blood orange as the base. Pure Quartz to amplify positive energy and draw out negativity in addition to vibrating at a specific, consistent frequency.


Cruelty Free

3 bottle blends at 0.5 FL OZ each

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