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Smudging Ritual Kit


Smudging Ritual Kit


Smudging Ritual Kit


Smudging your home or body with sage has been used for centuries by indigenous Americans. It is believed that the smoke rids a place or body of bad energies or spirits and lifts them up to heaven.


Light the smudge stick, once you have a good burn, blow out the flame and place in the abalone shell (which is heat/fire proof), you can use your hand or the feather provided to waft the smoke.

Body cleansing:

Smudging your body with the sage smoke is from feet to head and back again.

Space Cleansing:

First, Smudge yourself, they work yourself around the space paying attention to corners, doorways, and shadowy spots.

Kit comes with one:

4in California White Sage smudge Stick

Small to Medium Abalone Shell


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